The Colors of Market

The Colors of Market

Dallas Market is a bold and beautiful place to meet vendors, contacts and friends.  The first thing you notice as you walk in the door is how many showrooms and floors there are.  Then you notice there is only ONE Starbucks in the entire building!
The next thing that catches your eye is all of the colorful and creative displays disbursed around the main floor. The creators of the displays use all kinds of interesting objects to highlight the seasonal colors and styles available.
Market has an energy of its own.  There are permanent and temporary show rooms, cash and carry shops and places to eat. There are also runway shows and various social events throughout the day.  The showroom sales staff is always very friendly, knowledgeable and can guide your merchandise selections according to your customer’s needs.
About the time your feet start hurting and you’re running out of energy, the various showrooms bring out appetizers, foods of all kind, and drinks to keep you shopping! The Dallas Market is a great resource and we are always searching for that one-of-a-kind “Market Find”!
Be lovely, be you.
Carol Barrett

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