Love is Worth Celebrating!

Love is Worth Celebrating!

Valentine’s Day like most holidays has a history of tradition, stories, facts and evolution. A brief history of Valentine’s Day comes from a legend that Saint Valentinus of Rome was imprisoned for performing marriage ceremonies for soldiers who were forbidden to marry.  He fell in love with the jailer’s daughter Asterius.  On the day of his execution, February 14th, Saint Valentinus wrote a farewell note to her signed “Your Valentine”.  So now the day is associated with romantic love and exchanging Valentine’s Day cards. Symbols of hearts and arrows, cherubs, flowers and gifts have been added through the years with different cultural celebrations of Valentine’s Day.

What is love anyway and how do we express love? Love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection.  C.S. Lewis writes about differing types of love; Philia- the love for a friend, Agape- unconditional love associated with God and family, and Eros- romantic love.  There are also five different love languages according to author Gary Chapman. 1- Words of Affirmation, 2-Acts of Service, 3- Giving and Receiving Gifts, 4- Quality Time, and 5- Physical Touch.  He states that you can express or receive love best by what you value.  While one of these love languages may touch you deeply, it may be wise to express your love in all of these ways depending on the recipient and situation.

Why not try out the Love Language theory and see how relationships can grow deeper when we spend quality time with those we care about.  And what will be the reaction when we show acts of kindness to friends, family and people in need?  Maybe we will brighten someone’s day with words of affirmation along with a smile, touch or hug!  And gifts?  YES!  We can all agree, bring on the gifts!

There are many famous quotes about love:  “Love makes the word go ‘round”,   “All you need is love”,   and “The greatest of these is love”.   At Lufli Boutique we say, “Love is worth celebrating on Valentine’s Day and every day!”

Carol Barrett

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