Be Lovely, Be YOU!  That is our philosophy at  If you are a people watcher you have probably noticed that every woman has her own style and beauty that makes her unique.  Women and young girls tend to be very self-critical when it comes to body image. We tend to compare ourselves to the air-brushed “beautiful people” on the front cover of magazines that are in our face at the grocery store line. This image tends to mold a perfect, ideal and unrealistic model in our minds of how we should look.  We should all stop comparing ourselves to others and see the natural beauty we already own!
You can find a style that will enhance your body type no matter what your size and shape!  And what about that beautiful smile that comes from a beautiful heart inside?  Why not spend time thinking about enhancing your natural beauty that will in turn make you feel better about yourself?  Do some research to help you find your personal style that fits your daily routine, body shape, color palette and personality. Ask a trusted friend to help you, or hire a personal stylist. Be brave and try new styles of clothing, new brands of makeup, different hairstyles, and of course a fabulous handbag!
Feel better about yourself by helping someone else or spend some quiet time reading, meditating and praying. Slow down your pace for a day and do something relaxing or treat yourself to a mani/pedi. Spend a day or an hour doing something you always wanted to do. Go outside and take in some nature therapy. Surround yourself with things, people and places you love. Take a break from work and go have some fun. Eat healthy and get some exercise to create a healthy mind, body and soul.
Don’t let anyone else define the way you think about yourself. Make up your mind that YOU are going to be confident about who YOU were made to be.
Be Lovely, Be YOU! - Lufli Boutique
Carol Barrett

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