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Why You Need a Brown Bag Now

Why You Need a Brown Bag Now

Across the fashion handbag plain... Brown is IN! From the original saddle bag to the iconic Louis Vuitton, brown is a great neutral for your closet! But, we had our eye on these gorgeous genuine leather bags that arrived in the most alluring shades of brown. The hue has never looked better splashed across stunning shoulder bags, timeless tote bags, charming crossbodys, fun hobo bags, and chic clutches & wristlets.
Here, we rounded up our favorite delicious chocolatey brown bags from Lufli Boutique that'll give your black bag a serious run for its money!
Ready to Shop? Find these lovely brown bags here:
1. TrueLu Ella Shoulder Bag
2. Cut n' Paste Wimbledon Leather Shoulder Bag
3. TrueLu Mia Crossbody
4. TrueLu Scarlet Tote Bag
5. Leaders in Leather Moroccan Wristlet Clutch


Nori Barrett

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