Goodbye Black Friday Blues

Goodbye Black Friday Blues

Well is just been one of those days! You know that kind of day? Where you're halfway feeling guilty about the pie you ate for dessert yesterday (and this morning for breakfast), you're exhausted from cooking and cleaning for the last few days, and trying to make decisions about all of the Black Friday Deals! Thank goodness for shopping online in your comfy clothes, while you listen to your favorite college football game and munch on Thanksgiving leftovers!  Well in the spirit of lending a helping hand, here are a few of our favorite things, new arrivals, and deals too good to pass up at Lufli Boutique!


1. Shashi Laila Wrap Bracelet - Teal

Shashi Laila Wrap Bracelet - Teal at Lufli Boutique



2. Deux Lux Bleecker Wallet - Olive

Deux Lux Bleeker Wallet Lufli Boutique

3. American West Grand Prairie Crossbody Flap Bag - Turquoise

American West Grand Prairie Crossbody Flap Bag - Turquoise Lufli Boutique

4. Lazy J Love & Coffee Sweatshirt - Charcoal Gray

5.Deals "TOO GOOD TO PASS UP " at Lufli Boutique!

Fredd and Basha Leopard Scarf Lufli Boutique


 Happy Shopping from Lufli Boutique!




Carol Barrett

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