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bops Artisan Goods

Live Creatively, Give Freely

Some people just get it!  Take Amy Bernard, a homegrown entrepreneur who has a passion for art, loves to encourage women and can successfully run a business that incorporates both goals. Her company, bops, is run by and serves women leaders. Amy wants to raise up the next generation of women leaders thru entrepreneurship and giving back to the community.

Amy found that 70% of the worlds poor are women, so she partnered with local artisan women and gave them a chance at making a living by teaching the skills to start and sustain a business. bops creates a platform to produce beautifully repurposed products in countries like Guatemala, India, Nepal, and the USA.  We love the notebooks and insulated cups that are inspired by original art work, travel pouches hand-made with repurposed ethnic textiles, and graphic tanks and tees that help artists find a voice.

bops is a great find for our Lufli Boutique mix of artisan products that you won't find in the just anywhere. We hope you love and support their mission: "To encourage women in impoverished communities to become entrepreneurs so they can use their God-given skills to provide for their own."


Be Lovely, Be YOU-

Lufli Boutique




Carol Barrett

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