What is your Purse-onality?

What is your Purse-onality?

Are you usually overdressed, under-dressed or somewhere in the middle?  Are you casual or a fashion forward trend setter? Or maybe your gypsy soul just can't help but come out in your style choices. Needless to say, the handbag you choose says a lot about your "purse-onality"!
You might be Boho Chic if you like vintage textiles, weathered leather or fringe. You're probably a free spirit and love a laid back lifestyle. You like variety in life and love to express your individuality. Nothing boring please!

Wabags Bell Sleeve Tote Bag Lufli Boutique


You might be a Minimalist if you like to keep it simple.  No extra fluff or stuff to keep you down! You are drawn to simple lines, solid colors and smaller handbags. No clutter, no nonsense!

If you generally overdress, but hey it's OK, because you can pull it off with your keen sense of style, you might be a fashion forward thinker, a Trend Setter. You generally like the designer styles that are on the cutting edge of NYC Fashion Week. You like to change your handbag to match your shoes or outfit so you need an organized closet!

Ella Moss Swayed North South Leather Tote

If you are Traditional, you might like structured lines. You probably like a tote or satchel handbag that you can carry your laptop, a book, or anything someone might need. You probably want compartments so you can keep everything super organized. You want to find that one handbag you can carry for at least a year or more!

And then again, you might like that easy going Casual style that will go with jeans and a T-shirt or business casual. You want something easy to wear that will go with just about everything in you closet!  It could be soft leather, neutral colors, or maybe hand-tooled leather.

Fredd and Basha Addison Saddle Bag Lufli Boutique

Whatever your purse-onality, Lufli Boutique has you covered!  We have thoughtfully curated a diverse style selection of Artisan Handbags to help you create the look you love!  Your choice of a handbag is a reflection of the way you approach life, your life's work and the way you play, so that is why we say, "It doesn't matter what you wear as long as you have a fabulous handbag!"
Be lovely, Be YOU -  Lufli Boutique
Carol Barrett

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